Food menu is available now!/カフェのフードメニューを再開しました!

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Food menu is available now!/カフェのフードメニューを再開しました!

Food menu in our cafe is available now!
Our chef is excited to serve you all good food.

We look forward to seeeing you all at our MuGen cafe!


One thought on “Food menu is available now!/カフェのフードメニューを再開しました!

  1. One of the best rice and curry experiences I have had for a long time. The potions are generous (one potion is sufficient for two people) but the taste was so exceptional I ended up eating a tad too much.
    Rice comes with 4 curries. In addition you can either pick chicken / pork / shrimp or Fish. You have the option of eating in or take away. Best is to call ahead and order as the cooking is done only when the order is place (they generally take about half hour to prepare).
    Price per portion is Rs. 1,000 which is high compared to other places but if you share (which you can easily) then it is well affordable.
    They don’t use any plastic (no lunch sheets or shopping bags) so your eating experience is also environment friendly 🙂

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