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This is an announcement from the Sri Lanka salon. Since January 1st 2020, when our salon was established, due to the lockdown, we organized our salon without Japanese staffs. By April, I was able to get back to Sri Lanka again, and the staffs and I have been doing everything we could do for the past three and a half months.

I myself believed and hoped that even if it didn’t go as it was before Corona, the tourism would recover and the situation improves in the near future. However, in reality, the situation remains almost the same as a year before, and it is unlikely that tourism will become brisk immediately.

I’m really sorry, but we decided to give up the store in Sri Lanka, and review the scale of operation. The Sri Lanka salon was a great place with great facilities of accommodation, a café, an activity space and a beauty salon, but with repeated lockdowns, we judged that we wouldn’t be able to make a good use of all the sections in the upcoming few months or years. Accommodations, vacation work for registered artists, beauty salons, cafes, etc. in Sri Lanka salon will be temporarily closed until the time we can reorganize salon. Meanwhile, online activities,sales of miso and other products, and development and sales of original brand goods will continue. We will continue to upgrade the online yoga and Pilates that connect Sri Lanka with Japan and Europe, which has been very well received, so please look forward to it.

One day, I hope to find a nice place for the salon and artist vacation in Sri Lanka where we can work with you again.

Please look over us warmly in the future. We will report again of a temporary location of the retreat accommodation and beauty salon later. Thank you.


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