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Noriko Matsushita

A Japanese hairdresser and beauty artist.

Noriko’s journey as a hairdresser started in Toyama, Japan and Noriko has gained her experience and skills in Tokyo.
She continued her journey in NY, Europe and Australia to further sharpen her professional skills.
After she encountered the original Sassoon sculpting haircut technique at Vidal Sassoon in London, she pursued what really was the sculpting haircut for her.
After many trials, Noriko has finally got to her current haircut technique “haute couture haircut”.
Her signature “haute couture haircut” that is completed with only one pair of scissors has made her the one and only hairdresser for many customers all around the world. It gives the best suited hairstyle to each customer, which brings out the maximum of their individuality. Noriko’s haute couture haircut designs the hairstyle of each customer based on skeletal structure, hair grain, hair type, hair volume and the cut end of each hair.
It has the reputation to revive the hair much more than using any hair treatment product and keep in a perfect shape for months.

Throughout her experience abroad, she has also come to realize that healthy hair and skin is made of healthy body and mind and she opened a total beauty salon with the theme of [beauty x health x art] in two locations, Belgium and Sri Lanka.
Based on the experience in the salon and in the hair team of Paris Fashion Week, Noriko offers to her customers the haircut and makeup that bring the true beauty out of them, using her color analysis technique and her haute couture haircut.

Noriko is currently living in three locations in Belgium, Sri Lanka and Japan.
In addition to being a hairdresser, she is also passionate about organizing and being engaged in various workshops and retreats on healthy food and enriched lifestyle.

サロンオーナー Noriko Matsushita

ロンドンのVidal Sasson にて元祖、骨格修正カットの技術と出会い衝撃を受ける。本当の似合わせとは何かを追求し、試行錯誤して現在の独自の技術にたどり着いた。

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